1-2-1 Yoga


Private tuition sessions are tailor made to suit the individual and are ideal if you are a beginner, have a goal in mind, a specific injury or just have a busy schedule and are unable to attend a class.   A private session is an invaluable experience focusing on your specific aims and requirements.

After an initial consultation, a practice plan will be designed to meet your requirements.  After each class you will be left with the lesson plan for that day, so that you can use it for reference or your own practice over the following week.

Cost from £60 per hour.    The class can be held in your own home or at a convenient location.   Contact Sarah to discuss how private tuition can help you.

“I started having a one to one class with Sarah after being diagnosed with very high blood pressure and a heightened level anxiety together with panic attacks.  My anxiety was at a level where I found it difficult to even lie on my back and close my eyes.  Sarah developed a yoga programme to aid my high blood pressure and anxiety.   After a relatively short period of time I found that my physical and mental health improved to such an extent that my mind and body were at one again.    It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that without Sarah’s help I am not sure that I would be as fit and well both physically and mentally as I am today.  For me the one to one class allowed Sarah to devote her time to my specific requirements and for me to discover the wonderful world of yoga.”                                            Trevor D