I just wanted to say I’ve done 2 online classes so far and they have been amazing.   Thank you SO much for recording them.   I had a gruelling day of face to face patients and it was such a treat to go up to my room and spend an hour doing Yoga.   I’m looking forward to sampling all the online classes!”        Niamh

“Your online classes have been excellent.   I only wish that I had discovered yoga earlier in my life . It has been calming and so good for my flexibility even though I am older,  I have found  it really helpful for strengthening my back and legs. Muscle pain in my right shoulder blade has disappeared after about a year of tension and tightness”.   Chris

“I have been really enjoying your classes, they’ve been a welcome calm during the strange times we are finding ourselves in!  Your videoing of your classes is super, very clear and as always informative”.  Sara

“Just to let you know I did my first online yoga session yesterday and enjoyed it very much, it is lovely to hear your calming voice in these strange times”   Karen

“I had never practiced yoga before, but was recommended to have a go to help with a long term back injury.   I was slightly apprehensive to start with, but Sarah immediately put me at ease.  Each week Sarah encourages us to progress a little bit further whilst never feeling left behind if a pose is beyond our reach.  Sarah has a wonderful manner and is very approachable.   I wish I had taken up yoga years ago.   Not only is it a fun way to spend an hour, but my back problem has greatly improved thanks to Sarah’s tuition”.   Matthew H

“Sarah’s classes are always beautifully choreographed, she meticulously plans every session.   Each class then follows on with gently increasing skill and intensity level throughout the term.    The atmosphere is very friendly and warm which personally I think is essential.    Greatly enjoyable and thoroughly recommended”.    Laura

“Can I just say also how good yoga (teen yoga) seems to be for Caitlin.   It is very much helping with her flexibility which is having a knock on positive effect on the other activities she does.   I have also seen her concentration improve which is great”.     Jenny

“Sarah’s classes are fantastic.   I had never done yoga before but taking part in Sarah’s lessons has got me hooked.   The sessions are varied and I always come out feeling better than when I went in.   Everyone feels comfortable in Sarah’s classes.   Sarah manages to cater for novices and pros alike.   Her voice soothing and her friendly, yet professional manner makes everyone feel comfortable.   I’ve never seen anyone feel intimidated – even newcomers look relaxed.    I feel stronger and more flexible even thought I only manage one class a week.   If Sarah decides to add more classes that fit in with my schedule, I will definitely sign up for them.”   Cowiebunga

“I’d heard great things about yoga and joined Sarah’s class around 5 years ago.   I was diagnosed with a mild curvature of the spine (scoliosis) at 15 and, as a result, had suffered with bad posture.   I had tried various exercises to try to improve it but without a doubt, yoga had the most profound effect.   I was able to draw on the core strength which was built upon over the weeks and by the end of the first term I noticed quite a considerable difference in my posture.    I had also taken as given that my back would never be flexible, due to scoliosis.    However, I again noticed a considerable difference in flexibility after joining the class.   Yoga really is wonderful for mind, body and spirit, and Sarah’s classes are taught in a chilled and encouraging environment.”    Caroline

“I love yoga because it is fun and keeps you fit and healthy.   We do lots of games and Sarah is very friendly”.   Emily age 7

“I like yoga because it clears your head and makes me feel better about myself.”    Lucy – Teen Yoga

“I really enjoy coming to yoga because of the way it makes me feel, relaxed and stretched out afterwards.”  Ellie – Teen Yoga

“I started practising with Sarah four years ago, having initially considered yoga as a good rehab activity following an illness.   I have nothing but positive things to say about Sarah and her classes.   She has a great and effortless way of planning, demonstrating and describing poses and groups of exercises of varying difficulty that lead ultimately to an improvement in flexibility, core strength and balance.   An added bonus is that I always feel, at the end of a class, that I’ve achieved something positive, as well as somehow acquired a relaxed state of mind.   Her classes are fun, challenging if we want them to be and a great complementary activity to running, cycling, swimming or whichever other activities I happen to be trying to fit into my week.   Her children’s yoga classes are thoroughly recommended also.”   Gordy

“I have been taking Sarah’s classes for about a year now and I can thoroughly recommend them.   She is an excellent teacher; explains things well, very caring about everyone and a good sense of humour.   She caters for those more experienced and those who class themselves as beginners.   I always look forward to her lessons and feel absolutely terrific after them.”  Debby

“I have recently started practicing yoga with Sarah, I am a complete beginner.   I have found Sarah’s class very welcoming and easy to follow.  Sarah always takes time to help individuals perfect their practice and creates a lovely calming atmosphere with a focus on relaxation at the end of each class”.   Rachel R

“Over 30 years I have attended many yoga classes and can honestly say that Sarah is the most reassuring and competent teacher I have ever had.   The words she uses most frequently are “slowly” and “gently”, so I never feel pressured to do more than I should.   I find the classes very beneficial and believe I am quite bendy for my age (which is 65).   I would strongly recommend Sarah to anyone thinking or starting or continuing yoga classes.”    Val

“Sarah’s yoga means so much to me: it’s an hour of “me time”, (the only hour in the week when I completely switch off) as well as keeping fit, building up my core strength and muscles and being a stress relief.   Her yoga is great for all levels – she always emphasizes it should be personal to you and to only go as far as you can.   At the same time she gives a harder option for those that want to push themselves a bit further.   Sarah has taught me from beginner level.    She is friendly, approachable, clear with her instructions and never makes you feel uncomfortable or lacking ability”.   Rachel

I’m not an experience in yoga and started going to Sarah’s classes last year (2013).   She has a fantastic way of teaching and making people at various levels enjoy the same class.   She talks through each move and gives optional stages to stay or move on depending what is right for you and your body.   I highly recommend Sarah, I think she’s fantastic”.  Jenny

“With a desk bound job and little time for exercise, I suffer with stiff joints.   Sarah’s mixed gender yoga classes are tailored to meet a vast range of competencies.   Over the weeks I have felt the benefit of improved flexibility, strength and energy.   And having tried a few different yoga classes prior to Sarah’s, which I have now been attending for the past 5 years, I can certainly vouch for hers being the BEST!”   Chris

“I started having a one to one class with Sarah after being diagnosed with very high blood pressure and a heightened level anxiety together with panic attacks.  My anxiety was at a level where I found it difficult to even lie on my back and close my eyes.  Sarah developed a yoga programme to aid my high blood pressure and anxiety.   After a relatively short period of time I found that my physical and mental health improved to such an extent that my mind and body were at one again.    It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that without Sarah’s help I am not sure that I would be as fit and well both physically and mentally as I am today.  For me the one to one class allowed Sarah to devote her time to my specific requirements and for me to discover the wonderful world of yoga.”     Trevor

“Sarah’s classes have a really good blend of practice that challenges me to improve and space for winding down and relaxation.   I always look forward to classes and feel great afterwards!”  Linda

“I’ve been practicing yoga for years and have really enjoyed Sarah’s classes.   They work progressively, increasing in strength as the term progresses, which leaves you feeling you’ve really improved your practice over the period.   There’s always some new aspect and challenge and I’m able to work to wherever my body’s ready to go (or not) that day.   Thanks for keeping me supple!”  Diana

“As an older person who is a lot less flexible than many in the class I find Sarah discreetly helpful plus insisting that I only do what my body is comfortable with.   So I find the class not only friendly and enjoyable but also beneficial.   I am maintaining the flexibility I do have.”   Jean

“So our new routine means I have time to head back to yoga.   Now I know Sarah is one of my closest pals but blimey I forgot how good her classes were!  Feel all quietly worked out, stretched out and strengthened but best of all, all relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.”   Vicky

“I would really recommend Sarah’s classes.   She describes how to get into the postures very well and gives various stopping off points.   She makes everybody feel comfortable and helps make the most of their yoga experience.”   Judith