Children’s Yoga

Specialist yoga classes for children blend traditional yoga postures with exciting stories, games, music and relaxation.  Nurturing happy, healthy bodies and minds. Teen yoga is a relaxing class set to cool music to invigorate, release tension and stretch.   A great way to strengthen growing bodies, promote a positive and healthy body image.



7 – 7.45 pm                     St Anne’s Hall, Wendover (ages 11-17)


“I love yoga because it is fun and keeps you fit and healthy.   We do lots of games and Sarah is very friendly”.   Emily age 7

“I like yoga because it clears your head and makes me feel better about myself.”    Lucy age 15

“Can I just say also how good yoga (teen yoga) seems to be for Caitlin.   It is very much helping with her flexibility which is having a knock on positive effect on the other activities she does.   I have also seen her concentration improve which is great”.    Jenny

“Loved your teen yoga class, you are so gentle with the girls, you provide such a caring and nurturing environment and they are lucky to have you do yoga with them”.   Siva Rajah, Yoga Teacher at                                                                                                                                                          Triyoga Chelsea