Is yoga a religion?

No.   Yoga is not a religion. It has no bible or other doctrine that its students follow.  Instead, it is a practical system for healthy living, which includes movement, diet and a set of ethical principles.

How often should I practice?  

Traditionally yoga is a daily practice, but a minimum of one class per week is recommended to develop consistently.  The more you practice, the more you’ll progress and really experience the benefits.

Do I need to be flexible? 

No.   Yoga is suitable for all ages, levels of fitness and flexibility.   The wonderful thing about yoga is that the practice is your own, you are not competing with anyone else in the class.  You work within the limits of your own body. Physical restrictions will dissolve naturally over time with sensitive practice.    It is not necessary to be able to tuck your foot behind your ear in order to be a yogi!!

Do  I need a mat? 

Yes and you may borrow a mat if you are new to class, but you will need to purchase one eventually.

What should I expect?

Classes follow a traditional Hatha Yoga format and structure as follows:

* Short relaxation or preparation period
* Breath awareness/practises
* Gentle limbering/warm up exercises
* Asana/posture work
* Guided relaxation to finish

Can I attend a course on a drop in basis?

No. Courses are designed to build on each consecutive week to give you maximum benefit – helping you to build a solid foundation to your practice and help you to achieve your personal goals. It’s also a very nurturing environment when everybody in the group is progressing along the same journey together.

Yoga Tips:

  • Wear comfortable, light clothing.   We do yoga in bare feet, so no special footwear is needed.
  • Try not to practice on a full tummy, eat 2-3 hours before class.
  • Please always inform me of any injuries (current /previous) or conditions which may affect your practice.
  • Be honest with your body, work with where you’re at.  Remember every day is different.
  • Drink plenty of water after the practice, to re-hydrate and support healthy body functioning.
  • Let all your thoughts, actions and words be positive ones. Enjoy a Happy Healthier YOU.